Childhood is a very special time. It is the time to develop relationships, explore, become independent, and meet the challenge of each new day. At Holmdel Preschool we take pride in establishing long term relationships with families in providing a continuum of predictable care from infancy through school age. Your child develops a sense of security from the committed educators at our school.

Our emphasis is on helping your child develop into a positive, well-rounded, confident individual and competent leader. Children develop through encouragement and challenge at each skill level. Through play, children learn skills to solve problems and negotiate, to converse and make choices and practice their social skills. More importantly, they are given the opportunity to be children, to explore and discover the world through all their senses.

Holmdel Preschool’s professional staff models, guides, listens and responds, helping children feel good about who they are and helping them learn to relate to people and objects in their world. This interaction promotes independence, more complex use of their skills and furthers learning. Our goal is to give the children in our program the most valuable gift possible – a positive sense of himself/herself, to foster each individual’s abilities, a desire to relate positively to others and a strong interest in learning.