Literacy Development

  • Develop an appreciation for authors, themes, and types of literature
  • Develop an awareness of print and refine handwriting skills
  • Appreciate the importance of the written word
  • Recognize common words
  • Recognize initial consonant sounds
  • Recognize rhyming word families
  • Understand concepts of phoneme awareness
  • Have a large bank of nursery rhymes and finger play songs
  • Have a concept of left/right orientation and configuration

Mathematical thinking and concepts

  • Identify and print numbers
  • Understand relationships between numbers
  • Develop abilities to problem solve using manipulatives
  • Develop awareness for ordering data and information through graphing
  • Sorting, patterning, graphing, estimation, and comparing
  • Recognizing numbers in sequence
  • Basic concepts of geometry and symmetry
  • Understand concepts of less than, greater than, and equal to

Computer Education

  • Students will travel the world doing a social studies computer program
    while learning all about using the computer, cultures and foreign language.

Refine skills in cooperative play

Understand and appreciate concepts of friendship

Develop an awareness of the Nation as a whole and its integral parts

Understand regions of the USA

Develop an awareness of mapping

Develop an awareness of cardinal directions

Develop an awareness of national events and their importance

Appreciate cultures and their characteristics

Explore and understand concepts of seasons

Understand concepts of weather and weather patterns

Understand concepts of living and non-living

Understand concepts of habitants and environments

Understand concepts of time

  • Day and night
  • Months of the year
  • Days of the week

Formal gym and Fitness instructor