Learning at Holmdel Preschool

Learning is such a complex human activity that no one theory entirely explains it. The learning habits a child establishes early in life can also make a difference in how well he does later on in school. A good education, such as the one provided by Holmdel Preschool fosters such qualities as initiative, concentration, self discipline, and persistence in completing a task, responsibility, creative self-expression and a love of learning. All the qualities are valuable in forming good school habits. The longer a child is able to reinforce these learning skills, the higher the probability that he will internalize them and make them a permanent part of his development.

The curriculum decisions we make involve questions about how children learn, what learning is appropriate, and when it is best learned. Our curriculum takes into account the many sources of research, knowledge of child development, individual characteristics of the children enrolled, and the knowledge base of various pedagogues, the values our culture, parent’s desires, and the knowledge children need to function competently in our society. We have developed a rich, meaningful content to our program while utilizing developmentally appropriate practices. We place emphasis on cognitive development where the child has opportunities to make decisions. Children reinforce learning by repetition and internal feelings of success. Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration are provided with hands on exploration where divergent thinking is being stressed as this leads to synthesis – the highest form of learning.

We have a tremendous resource of materials and a sound curriculum with a broad and in depth perspective. There are small groups provided in each of the content areas so that children have the opportunity to discover, explore and create under the watchful eye of a skilled teacher. In this way we are able to provide learning experiences using a variety of modalities ensuring success and achievement for all.