Our staff is comprised of teachers certified in the field of early childhood education and certified by the State of New Jersey. They are dedicated in their task to offer the highest quality program to your children. They all participate in continuing education programs and our in service training programs to ensure that your child receives the highest quality care and education.

The high quality care we offer begins with our professional staff and the trusting, responsive relationship that exists between them and the children they care for. Our professional staff models, guides, listens, and responds helping children feel good about who they are and helping them learn to relate to people and objects in their world. Our interaction with children promotes independence, builds self esteem, and allows for more complex use of their skills and further learning. Our goal is to give the children in our care the most valuable gift possible – a positive sense of themselves and their abilities, a desire to relate positively to others, and a strong interest
in learning.

Children develop a sense of trust when teachers:

  • Follow a consistent schedule
  • Carry through on announced plans
  • Make contact with each child during the day
  • Make positive comments about children’s learning activities

Children develop a sense of competence when teachers:

  • Reinforce and value their activities
  • Give them developmentally appropriate materials to work with
  • Provide them with materials that support and challenge their abilities
  • Praise their efforts
  • Help channel their frustrations
  • Encourage them to see tasks through to completion

Children develop a sense of initiative when teachers:

  • Provide them with ample opportunities for creative expression
  • Allow them to explore the environment freely
  • Permit them to get messy during sand, water, or art activities
  • Encourage pretend play
  • Allow them to work independently
  • Promote problem solving and risk taking opportunities